Sunday, November 15, 2009

WoW Rage, Lessons, and Craziness: Or why borrowing gold is a bad idea...

WoW rage. Don't lie. We've all had our moments. Remember the giraffe from Robot Chicken? That kind of Stage 2 Anger?

Yeah, that was me last night.

See, I borrowed gold from someone I've known for years and years and years. I usually loathe borrowing gold from people because I am slow to pay back, but I had 800g worth of CoDed junkboxes in my mailbox with an hour left on them. And this person offered to lend me the gold if I'd promise to pay by the time her alt hit 40, "which I don't ever play, so don't worry, haha."

So I borrowed the gold, got my junkboxes, and promptly proceeded to be swamped with schoolwork. I've not really even been on WoW the past month or so.

So imagine my surprise when this person, who only ever talks to me about WoW even though we know each other IRL, messages me demanding her money back. Not in a nice way either. In a belligerent sort of way. I explained that I'd been busy with school, which just got me a "grow up."

And thus, Fufu became very, very angry. I logged on with the intention of selling the Crusader Orbs I had worked so hard in my very little free time to save so that I could pay her back and stop the harassment.

The first thing I see when I log on is a Horde pally ganking in Southshore, where I'd logged out working on junkboxes. I mount and ride off. HE mounts and hits crusader aura, chases me down, and a 10 minute fight ensues that ends with his popping LoL on Hands at 100 HP and destroying me with infinite stuns.

Now Fufu is really pissed.

At this point, I'm tired of people who play WoW. Tired of people who only ever IM me to talk to me about WoW, or people who take it too seriously, or people who really have nothing else to do but gank.

So, in a rage, I sell 2 Crusader Orbs, unload the rest alongside anything even remotely valuable in my bank into the guild bank, send Loan Shark the money, and promptly log off and cancel my subscription.

The following 30 minutes went something like this:

- Yell at keyboard
- Eat chocolate
- Yell into phone
- Log back on, make toon named Helloladies with the most Fabio-esque appearance possible
- Giggle
- Go, "Oh shazbot, I gave away all my stuff. HAHAHAHAHAHA"

So after that little melt down, and some WoW blog-browsing, I came to a decision. Since I'm not going to be able to play consistently for a while, I'm just going to go nuts and play with Smite again.

You've been warned.


.... don't borrow gold from people. Geez... it's really not healthy for you. >.<


Xel said... least you are going back to Smite again. May I suggest you grab your best pve gear (holy is fine), gem spellpower and crit in every socket, fully enchant it and go all out in battleground. Forget resilience, if you are targeted death is not preventable, so just nuke the hell out of everything in sight. I find that a nice way to relief anger from been ganked.

As for borrowing gold, it is unfortunate that your lender took everything too seriously. I bought everything with borrowed gold, but my loaners are far more understanding. I suppose I was lucky.

Fuyuko said...

I'm actually considering turning this blog into a smite priest resource/webring, since there are quite a few of us around. It's nice to have a little unity when so many people think we're crazy!!

As for my lender, it was a family member, which made it that much worse. But oh well, what can you do?

Xel said...

Well, if you do that, then welcome to the club! It's all about spreading the word and hopefully Blizzard will reconsider about the spec when there are enough of us out there demanding it.

o.O" that must be have a family member bug you about e-gold.

Kourtnie McKenzie said...

I've tagged you for a healer questionnaire floating around WoW bloggers at the moment. :)

it's at if you're interested! ^.^

phaust said...

It's funny you didn't mention it's been six months since you borrowed said gold. It's also funny that I don't talk to you about anything but WoW; I must be talking to a wall all those other times =) I also told you I didn't need it back right then, you could take a week or so. It's funny you forgot all that.

Jess said...

Please read the dates on posts before commenting.

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