Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Post-College Yuckies

Hey all!

No, I haven't died. Actually, I've been rather preoccupied with post-college life (which, thus far, is teh suck). Finding jobs where I plan on moving is tough for someone with literally no qualifications other than a BA (which is surprisingly not helpful), so I've been tapping away at the keyboard on jobsites into the wee hours of the morning, with little time left for WoW, sad as that makes me.

I've not quit (I really do want to get back to playing...), and I do log on sporadically, but I will not be making it or this blog my main focus for a while. Yes, I know, I just said I was turning this into a smite priest blog, but sometimes things happen and life doesn't care about the epic blog post you just made. Hopefully my last post will serve as a resource for aspiring smite priests regardless, and hopefully you will see a smite post on here every now and again as I find free time.

So what's the scoop now? Well, if you recall, I was planning on taking the Japanese proficiency exam last December. And I didn't. I just didn't study long enough. Poop.

Well, I've decided to buckle down and start some hardcore studying and translation practice. There are a lot of opportunities for Japanese speakers in California (where I am headed), which is all the more reason for me to stop goofing off and get things done.

I have started a new blog about the long journey ahead, called "Interpreter Noob." I figure keeping a journal will help me keep track of my progress in breaking into the field, as well as provide my friends and family some ammo in yelling at me for any laziness I might fall into. And maybe.... MAYBE some poor fool in my same situation will come across it one day and find it helpful.

So if anyone is interested in reading what Fuyu is doing outside of the WoW-sphere, check it out and subscribe! You can find it here!

Thanks for all the comments and lovely emails I have received while blogging. They always made me smile.

So so long, and thanks for all the fish..... at least for now.

Edit: If you, somehow, got the original link when I had this post up for about 15 minutes the other day and added me there, please update your links to the "Interpreter Noob" site. Thanks.


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