Friday, February 20, 2009


So I'd been thinking of starting a priest blog for some time now, but didn't really have the initiative until the revelation of blogs by some of my guildies. So here we are!

I'm not going to concentrate on things like cookie cutter raid specs, gear lists, etc. Those you can find on Elitist Jerks, Dwarf Priest, or, and theorycrafted by far more intelligent people than I. What I DO want to focus on are some aspects of being a priest that might be a little outside the box, or off the radar. Things like adapting to raid healing with framerates in the 3-8fps range (the "why the f*ck are you even playing" range). Or the infamous smite spec, which I ran a bit in TBC and loved to death. I really enjoy doing things that people say I shouldn't or CAN'T do, and trying to prove them wrong. I levelled 2 priests to 70, 90% of the way on dialup, I now raidheal at 3-8fps in Naxx and OS, I ran smite for a while in TBC and shadow in Vanilla. All that being said, I like to think I'm a decent holy priest healer today, and hopefully there are some things that I find interesting that other priests, or even other classes, might also find nifty to hear!

~ Fuyuko
80 Draenei Holy Priest
(Bonechewer US)


Averna said...


Averna said...


"I now raidheal at 3-8fps in Naxx and OS"

I might add that she's damn good at it, too =D

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