Monday, March 23, 2009

Going "Insane"

Well, kiddies, I told you I liked doing things that most people consider a little odd, and so when Blizzard announced the upcoming "Insane in the Membrane" achievement, I couldn't resist. I'd been working on Shen'dralar rep for giggles for a while now, and now to get an achievement for it? Woot!

The achievement requires you to:

  • Be honored with the Bloodsail Buccaneers
  • Be exalted with all the goblin factions
  • Be exalted with the Darkmoon Faire
  • Be exalted with Shen'dralar
  • Be exalted with Ravenholdt
Yeah, it's not for the faint of heart. Which is why I soooo have to do it. It's been going pretty well so far. I'm currently friendly with the Bloodsail, and working on getting to honored. Not difficult, really, considering any 80 can farm the bruisers in Booty Bay without an issue. The goblin factions are going to be trickier, but from the tips I've heard, I'm probably going to farm the various non-Bloodsail pirate camps in Azeroth for that.

I am levelling inscription to make extra cash in conjunction with my herbalism, so hopefully a ton of low level decks should cover my Darkmoon Faire rep.

Shen'dralar is simple, but can be expensive. I'm sitting at 0/12000 honored, with about 20 more librams stashed away, with shards and diamonds for the turn ins. You can farm the abomination skins in Strat, the Blood of Heroes in the Plaguelands, and the Skins of Shadow in Scholo. At 500 rep per turn in, if you can GET the stuff it's a pretty quick process, aside from the running back and forth (you can only carry one of each of the three librams at a time).

Ravenholdt is a bit tricky. I am currently farming the Sindicate mobs in Durnholde at 5 rep per kill (holy nova = win), but I'm not sure when that will stop being an option, and so I have done what I swore I would never do...I rolled a rogue. She's wearing the BoA shoulders, and levelling mining and skinning for extra cash. I'll be using her, alongside a rogue friend of mine, to pickpocket lockboxes.

Here's hoping that you'll be seeing Fuyuko the Insane not TOO terribly long after 3.1 hits. =D


Averna said...

Fuyu: I salute you, and your insanity.

Adam said...

Fufu, I know it's not on the achievement, but...
Wanna get the Winterspring Frostsabre one day?

Fuyuko said...

Ooooo, that sounds like fun!

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