Friday, March 27, 2009

The Journey to Insanity I: Really Bad Eggs

So, as I mentioned in my previous post, I've been working on getting the Insane in the Membrane achievement that will hit with 3.1. A couple friends of mine had mentioned wanting the title too at some point, but were completely unsure of where to begin, so I thought I'd post a little step by step update on the factions as I go along!

1. Honored with the Bloodsail

I chose to do this faction first, because it also awards you the Bloodsail Admiral achievement. It's very simple, although can be time-consuming for someone to solo. Here's what you do....

Grab a friend if you like, especially if they have an AoE, and head to Booty Bay. Most classes, with the exception of Death Knights, will be at least to honored with the goblin cities. The first step is to set yourself at war with Booty Bay under your reputation tab.

Next, you need to start killing some guards. The ones you need to target are the Booty Bay Bruisers. They patrol around town, and can also be summoned with the death of a civilian NPC (although that might garner you some hate from others trying to train/buy/sell in Booty Bay). I'm not gonna lie, the rep is verrrrry slow for a while. You will lose more goblin rep than what you gain in Bloodsail rep. Once you are hated with Booty Bay, things become easier. Killing the guard at the Plate N Chain building, while standing diagonal to the building's left corner against the railing, will cause an almost never-ending spawn of Bruisers.... It's pretty nice, until you need to eat or mana up, in which case I suggest you move to the right or left while killing the last Bruiser you wish to fight.

At some point, you will become hated with the goblins and friendly with the Bloodsail. It is at this point that you can grab the quests for the Bloodsail Admiral Achievement if you wish. Head out of Booty Bay, turn right, and head towards the Bloodsail ships out on the coast. Turning on your low level quest tracking might help, but the NPC you want is inside one of the ships. He will give you two quests. One is merely a gift of a pirate's costume. The other, required for the title, has you assassinate two NPCs in Booty Bay. After completing the assassination quest, turn it in for your title!

Now, just continue grinding Bruisers until honored! Now you have one part of the Insane achievement done!

If you'd like an incredibly detailed guide to grinding this portion of the achievement, check out Warcraft Pet's Guide to Bloodsail Rep!


තිලිණ said...

nice! thanks for the info

toma zed said...

how do you leveled back your goblin réputation to exalted without sinking your pirate rep?

it's part of the achievment to get both exalted with goblins and honored with pirate

Fuyuko said...

It involves farming low level pirates outside the goblin cities, such as the ones outside Ratchet. They give very little rep, and only take you so far before you have to move on to DM for the Ogre Suit thing. I'll try to get that post up ASAP. I'd neglected it because I had not started it in-game yet.

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