Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Journey to Insanity II: Those Who Hunt Elves

Ok, kiddies! It's time for part 2 of my Insane in the Membrane journal. This time, we'll be covering one of the more "wtf?" parts of the achievement: being exalted with Shen'dralar. There are virtually no quests for this faction, nor mobs to grind for rep.

The first thing you need to do, if you have not already, is to complete the quest Elven Legends for your faction. This gives no Shen'dralar rep, but is required to allow you to turn in the items you will need to collect later. If you are Alliance, you'll get this quest from Scholar Runethorn in Feathermoon (Feralas). If you're Horde, you'll start in Camp Mojache with Sage Korolusk. Both faction quests will require you to find Kariel Winthalus in Dire Maul. His body is located in the DM library (easily accessed from the very beginning of DM North if you have the key). Return to your respective quest giver to turn in this quest.

Next, you will want to travel to the little pavilion where the back door to DM is, east of DM. There, you'll pick up the quest Pusillin and the Elder Azj'Tordin. Yes! You get to chase down that damned imp again. Remember him from the DM key quest? You'll chase him around DM again, and kill him for the book. Return to the pavilion and turn the quest in for 500 Shen'dralar rep! If you don't have the Cresent Key, I suggest getting it from the imp, as it makes getting to the library very easy.

From here on out, your only option for rep is within the library. That's right! Book turn-in time! One option, although it can only be completed once, is to turn in your class book, which drops in DM and awards you the Seal trinket. That will net you 500 rep. The books are:

The other option, which is what you will be doing the rest of the way to exalted is libram turn-ins. The librams in question, the Librams of Protection, Focus, and Rapidity drop in DM randomly, or can sometimes be found on the AH. I was lucky because I started Shen'dralar rep before the achievement was announced, so I was able to get a ton of librams on the AH for 5g and under. Now, on Bonechewer at least, they run at least 25g.

Each libram turn in gains you 500 rep. Sounds easy, right? Think again.

You can only carry one of each libram at a time. This also counts for banked items, so the smart thing to do is to mail them to a bank alt as you get them, and leave them in the mailbox there. As you are ready to use each one, you can have your bank alt send them back one at a time.

Each libram also requires "basic reagents" (yeah, right) to be turned in alongside.

  • For a libram of protection:
  • - 1 libram of protection
  • - 1 pristine black diamond
  • - 2 large brilliant shards
  • - 2 frayed abomination stitchings (farmed in Stratholme)
  • For a libram of focus:
  • - 1 libram of focus
  • - 1 pristine black diamond
  • - 4 large brilliant shards
  • - 2 skins of shadow (farmed in Scholomance)
  • For a libram of rapidity:
  • - 1 libram of rapidity
  • - 1 pristine black diamond
  • - 2 large brilliant shards
  • - 2 blood of heroes (farmed in EPL and WPL)

Avoid the librams of rapidity if you can help it, as blood of heroes is a complete pain to find. There are spawn maps on sites like Thottbot and such, but they are not exact, nor will the blood of heroes spawn at all points at the same time. Beware, also, if you don't remember from your pre-TBC days, that looting this item spawns 1-2 elites. Easily solo-able at 80, but a surprise if you aren't ready.

Rinse and repeat the turn in/item farming/mind numbing process until exalted! Sounds like fun, doesn't it? =P


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