Saturday, May 23, 2009

Spirit of Redemption: The Big Blue Angel of Fail

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Hey, priests. Have you ever done something silly, like misjudged the Heigan safety zones, or stood in the fire or runes of death, or been hit by flame wall? Sometimes we die of aggro before we even know we have it. Squishy like bad cheese. Bad..... smelly.... cheese.

Some classes have the privilege of a quiet, peaceful death. How many times have you been halfway through an encounter before you noticed another healer or a dps down? Sometimes things get crazy and you just don't see that person die. And unless that person says what happened to them, it's generally unknown until the RL asks or the log comes out.

Now, when we holy priests die, we turn into this big, beaaaautiful angel of awesome save-y-ness, right? We can cast as many heals as we want for free during those few seconds. We could die and save a raid at the same time, right??? Some priests even save raids when oom by suiciding and turning into the angel!!! Right????? RIGHT????

WRONG. So very.... very..... very wrong.

Iyenrith from the server Scarlet Crusade said it best on the priest forums:
You could always go discipline, but it's just not the same experience.

Death as Disc: "Splat. And a strange disappointment that you didn't turn into an angel"

Death as Holy: "My body transcends the physical world, as the beautiful angel rises off the ground in an act of defiance to the priest's attacker. Everyone stares in awe, and at that very moment you truly feel at one with your priest. Nothing matters but the majestic angel wings, not the raid, boss or even the angry screams over vent saying 'OMG HEAL WHILE IN ANGEL FORM!!'"
Yeaaaaaah.... that's exactly how it feels. I feel pretty and blue and sexy in my Queen Gorgo dress. I'm bigger than the raid boss, and sooo much hotter. And my heals? AWESOME.

Or are they....?

I got curious and checked the WWS for the last raid I was in, since I felt like my heals were kind of... well.... "meh" during spirit form. And damn...

OMG!!! I AM TEH LEET!!!! I healed for a grand total of 11!!! Whoooooo!!!!!!!! I could totally outheal every single *cough cough* rogue in the raid!!!!!! Now, granted, several of the deaths were on called wipes that I know not to heal in spirit form for, but still..... 11??? Really???

So yeah, we have so many better glyphs than the one that adds 6 seconds to spirit form, so I am not picking that up. I'm sure other priests do soooo much more healing in that form, and usually I at least manage to get a completely useless Guardian Spirit off, but blah. I guess I should just spam Renew.

And what's worse is that Miss Angelbutt makes it very obvious when we screw up. See that big blue angel that is covered in flames? Is that the Angel of Death??? Are we in Hell???

Nope, that's Fuyu. She was playing with the fire. d-^_^-b

I suppose at the very least, if you're bad at SoR (and I am very, very bad), then it still does one job: keeps you on your toes. Everyone is going to see you in the void zone when you are bigger than everything else in the room, and scantily clad at that. And there is nothing funnier than a massive wipe and multiple priests going into spirit form around the room.

All we need is for someone to play Alabama's Angels Among Us over Vent and my life will be complete.

**Thanks so much to p3p574r from DeviantArt, who was kind enough to let me use that gorgeous picture of Spirit of Redemption at the top of the page! She has some other equally gorgeous WoW art, so check her out here!!**


Xel said...

Lol I totally understand what you meant about Spirit of Redemption and screw ups. No death is more obvious than a priest's death. You stick out like a sore thumb. I was raid leading a pug in OS once, a few seconds before Sarth went down a long time no see friend of mine suddenly whispered me in chat, I got so excited and all the next thing I knew I got fried by the fire wall. I even remember myself thinking "who's the tard that died to the fire wall?" until I realized that my own name was on the angel's head. All I could do was making stupid jokes in chat after that to make myself look less ugly...

Fuyuko said...

Haha, that's funny. And I am glad there are other priests who are all "Roflwaffles! Oh wait, that's my angel!" One of our priests died last week on Iron Council and he was right on top of me at one point. It took me a second to figure out it wasn't me. XD

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