Friday, June 19, 2009

3.2.0 Patch Notes...

So I come back from an amazing vacation, ready to get back to raiding, and what do I see?

>> Official 3.2.0 PTR Patch Notes <<

Actual intelligent post to come. I promise.


Corgii said...

Agreed... 100 billion %.

Jeff said...

Ya, nerf our AOE heal about 30% on spell power bonus and put 2 extra seconds cooldown on Penance (the Discipline priests main heal spell at the top of the tree).

Way to go. The few discipline priests playing these days (whom which no damage mitigation shows in recount so no credit is given in raids) will probably have to go holy.

And this can't be for PvP. Playing a priest in battlegrounds is not often a success story with very few exceptions.

Fuyuko said...

Hi Corgi!!! I've seen you on Av's blog a lot. As well as on Applebough's. (^_~)

@Jeff: I feel very bad for disc priests, because they are consistently hounded by meter-whores who don't udnerstand the way they work. And to say this change was for pvp would be a poor, pooooor excuse. Is that what they are giving as a reason?

Don't even get me started on PoH. I've re-written this comment 10 times now and finally realized I need to just make a blog post, haha.

Oh, and nice to meet you Jeff =)

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