Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Insane in the Membrane: A Status Update

"Here are your pony-tail-shaped librams, Elf-san."

Thanks to Azumanga Daioh Images ^_^

Sweet mother of cheddar fries.... this achievement, for the most part, isn't too terribly bad, but the goblin reputation rebuild is driving me, literally, insane.

I figured it would be nice to post a little update on where I am, for both informative and self-motivational purposes. (Translation: I'm lazy and need people to tell me to stop being so.)

The reputation factions thus far!
  • *complete* The Bloodsail Buccaneers: 8895 / 12000 Honored
  • The Darkmoon Faire: 4425 / 6000 Friendly
  • Ravenholdt: 4049 / 21000 Revered
  • Shen'dralar: 16500 / 21000 Revered
And for the Steamwheedle Cartel:
  • Booty Bay: 6105 / 36000 Hated
  • Everlook: 6105 / 36000 Hated
  • Gadgetzan: 5980 / 36000 Hated (minor scuffle with the guards, ehehe)
  • Ratchet: 12335 / 36000 Hated
Not too shabby for someone who isn't devoting enormous amounts of time to this. I was kind of burned out on it for a while, especially the frickin' goblins. I'm going to switch to DM for a bit to change it up instead of grinding pirate mobs. I've run out of Patton Oswalt skits to listen to. >.<

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped me thus far with this silly (and totally impractical) achievement. I'd list names, but so many people have sent me things, from one Pristine Black Diamond to random Darkmoon Cards, and I would feel incredibly terrible if I were to forget any one of you on accident. But you know who you are. =)

To all those who have helped, thank you so much! I'm going to try to take out a huge chunk of the reps this weekend so that I can make you all proud. ^_^

There is one person I specifically want to thank by name, and that is Bluevalkyrie, one of the officers and a former GM of my guild (Ascended - Bonechewer).

Not only has she been sending me things that she sees dropped in the gbank that I could use, but she has also been pickpocketing tons of mobs in DM and BRD/BRS for me during her own rep grinds. The majority of that 4k rep I have with Ravenholdt is 100% because of her, and her sending of drops from DM has drastically helped me with the last bit of Shen'dralar reputation.

So, here's a toast to Bluevalkyrie, or Greenie-mama as I like to call her. Thanks so much!! <3


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