Wednesday, July 1, 2009

An Open Letter to Astor Hadren....

Dear Astor Hadren:

Seriously, dude. I understand you're angry. I know I've killed you every time I go through Silverpine into Tirisfal, unaware that you actually have a purpose because you were so unfriendly to me when I was part of the Horde.

I promised myself and the rogues of Azeroth that never again shall the back of my hand your sunken face meet, but you had to do it, didn't you ....?

You know I can't remount in combat... and running is sooooo pre-level 30 (or soon to be 20).

So to all the would-be rogues who needed to murd------ er...... um, speak with you at 4am ST, I apologize.

But to you, Astor Hadren.... you asked for it. Pansy.


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