Friday, July 31, 2009

Fuyu's sooo turtly enough for the turtle club!

T-t-turtle.... tuuuuuuuurtle.

Got this today while fishing off the coast of Unupe for the fishing daily! I was kinda fishing for him for a few minutes in Grizzly Hills and decided to go do the daily, since the nodes are fairly concentrated out there.

And sure enough, while I'm ranting about being ganked all day, I loot, and there he is!!!

Not only is he so unbelievably cute (look at that badass glare!), but that brings me up to 73 mounts, with several that I still have easy access to when I stop being so broke all the time.



Anonymous said...

Grats! Turtle looks so cute :)

Fuyuko said...

Hehe, thanks!!! He's so slow, but sooooooo cute!

Luthvian said...

the turtle is ADORABLE! grats!

73 mounts?? I dont even have 50 yet, wth? lol

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