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Loregasm!: The Dragon Aspects

Today begins the first part of a new weekly blog segment I'm affectionately calling "Loregasm!" There is a lot of rich history to the world of Azeroth that not many people really pay actual attention to, so hopefully you'll learn a little something-something about that random NPC in Dalaran along the way!!

This week's segment focuses on the Dragon Aspects - Alexstrasza, Nozdormu, Ysera, Malygos, and Neltharion. You can click their names for in-depth descriptions of each from BlizzPlanet.

From BlizzPlanet:
Once the Titans felt satisfied with their creation upon Azeroth, they left to roam the cosmos in search of new worlds to bring order to chaos, creating new life through a myriad of worlds. Before their departure, they empowered five dragons to become the Dragon Aspects. Their purpose, to guard Azeroth and protect the Titan’s creation.

The five dragons were created from one ancient proto-dragon, Galakrond, whose remains are currently resting in Dragonblight.

"Life is my aspect, dark one, and I, like all mothers, know both the pain and wonders that entails!"

Alexstrasza is the dragon queen and matron of all life on Azeroth. She is a strong, highly compassionate being, caring for all living things, and was deemed ruler of her kind by the Titans for this reason. She is also responsible for the creation of Nordrassil. For a time she was enslaved by orcs who planned to use her eggs for their war efforts, and her young were also the target of a certain black dragon.

Dragonflight: Red
Titan: Eonar
Location in Game: Dragonblight, Northrend

"Ssso much to gather... sso much to catalog..."

Nozdormu was placed in charge by the Titans of protecting time and fate. The famed Chromie is of his flight, and he is responsible for monitoring the various realities in space and time, and preventing alterations of them. He's a little strange, almost OCD, and loves cataloging information and relics in solitude.

Dragonflight: Bronze
Titan: Aman'Thul
Location in Game: Appears briefly in Dragonblight, Northrend

"He is one who is quite possibly more terrible in his sleep than even waking."

Ysera is in charge of the Emerald Dream, and as Alexstrasza's young sister, was given some power over nature as well. She enchanted Nordrassil to bind it to the Emerald Dream, and from that domain she can see through the eyes of every being in Azeroth. She rarely comes to the normal realm, and takes the form of a hooded woman with closed eyes when she does. Only three times has she opened her eyes, including after the death of her lover Malorne. She is nicknamed the "mother of Cenarius."

Dragonflight: Green
Titan: Eonar
Location in Game: Dragonblight, Northrend

"I lost much - too much! But you, you who call yourself Krasus, you who once also wore the form of dragon, you lost all, too!"

Malygos was given power over the domain of magic, and was to protect magical artifacts from the reckless use of mortals. He lost all of his flight and went insane, partly from the loss and partly from the guilt he felt over supporting Deathwing's plans to create the infamous Dragon Soul. Recently he has started to recover from his meltdown, and, deeming the lesser races unworthy of what he considers 'reckless' use of magic, has declared war on all magic users, leading to the current conflict with the Kirin Tor.

Dragonflight: Blue
Titan: Norgannon
Location in Game: Eye of Eternity, Northrend

"After I have slain all of you, I shall take your eggs, Alexstrasza, and create my perfect world!"

Neltharion was given reign over all of the earthly domains, and was originally a supporter of the other flights. However, he began to dabble in the history of the Old Gods, and their "voices" told him he could have infinite power if he desired. He convinced all of the other aspects to imbue a disc called the Dragon Soul with some of their power, and that this disc would serve as a weapon against the Burning Legion. However, after using it to kill not only demons, but also elves and innocents, Neltharion revealed that he had not submitted any of his own power to the disc. He demanded that all races bow to him, and when confronted by Malygos's flight, he used the Dragon Soul to destroy all of the blue dragons. It was at this point that he became Deathwing.

Dragonflight: Black
Titan: Khaz'Goroth
Location in Game: Unknown

I highly, HIGHLY encourage you to read Day of the Dragon from the Warcraft book series. It's about Alexstrasza's capture by orcs in possession of the Demon Soul who planned to use her offspring for their war effort. Her devoted consort Korialstrasz enlists the help of a young mage named Rhonin and a ranger named Vereesa Windrunner (yes, Sylvanas' sister!) to save her. Korialstrasz attempts to convince the other aspects to aid in her rescue, and they're less than eager to help until word of a black dragon from long ago surfaces...

Next week: Rhonin, Vereesa, and Krasus!

*Thanks to WoWWiki for the piccies and quotes, and BlizzPlanet for some background info!*


Josh said...

The only wow-lore I have read is on wikipedia. I have a general understanding of how things have played out but I'd like to start reading some of the books I just don't know where to start. Is there a book1 or are there lots of different series? Where do you suggest I start?

Corgii said...

"I highly, HIGHLY encourage you to read Day of the Dragon from the Warcraft book series."

This, this, THIS! I can't say many books sucked me in much like Day of the Dragon did. The lore and story behind the 5 aspects is awesome and a very fun read.

Awesome post about the aspects! More people should know about the history behind our beloved game; it really makes it that much more fun to play. After reading several Warcraft books and playing Warcraft, I would find myself going 'OOOOOOH so that's why this is _____' when playing WoW. It adds so much depth to the game!

Fuyuko said...

@ Josh: This website should help you out!

I've heard the Sunwell Trilogy is really bad, but I've not made it that far yet. No matter what order you decide to read them in, however, make sure to read "Day of the Dragon" before the Ancients Trilogy.

@Corgii: I LOVE the dragon aspects. I'm kind of hoping they find their way into the new Warcraft movie. But yeah, DotD - I couldn't put it down. Everyone bashes Knaak for some reason, but I really loved his treatment of the characters.

And I about wet myself when I saw Rhonin and Vereesa in Dalaran. I kinda wanted to be like, "Hey Vereesa, your sister is alive! Kinda..... well, see, here's the thing...."

Corgii said...

Wait; where is Vereesa in Dalaran?! O_O

Fuyuko said...

Vereesa and Rhonin are both in the Violet Citadel. =)

Josh said...

Thx for the suggestions. I'm going to sign in and start requesting them from my local library right now. :)

Fuyuko said...

Ooo, yay!!! Enjoy!!!

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