Friday, August 14, 2009

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I was recently contacted by THE Applebough regarding his blog. He was concerned over a comment by someone named Inishi about the lack of activity on his blog recently and wanted to set the record straight:

I regret to inform my legions of loyal readers that my blog may remain un-updated for some period of time. It is not that I am too busy, as the fruit business has been suffering in Azeroth recently. It would seem that, with the new additions to the Tournament in Icecrown, my usual customers have chosen protein shakes from some no-name shop in Gadgetzan as a means of gaining their nutrition. While I cannot fault them for being concerned about their muscular welfare, I must say I have always considered fruit smoothies just as healthy and a thousand times more delicious... maybe I shall start a stand for fruit smoothies..... I have the supplies...

Alas, I digress. As I stated previously, my lack of activity cannot be attributed to a busy schedule, nor a lack of intriguing content to post.

No, the cold hard truth of the matter is..... I've forgotten my blasted password. And in the process of trying to recover it, I realized that I had also forgotten my username. To make matters worse, I have always posted from the Dalaran computer lab, and as most public lab users know, passwords are not saved on these machines.

It pains me greatly, but until I can recover this information or muster the energy to create an entirely new blog, Applebough's Fruitcart is suspended indefinitely.

I am going back to my empty fruit stand now. This month has been utterly depressing.

There you have it, folks. Right from the tree' mouth. Here's hoping he can find his password and username, because I was looking forward to reading more about the war between Averna over at Nerf This Druid and Applebough.


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