Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm not dead!

Thanks again to Azumanga Images!!

So yeah, I haven't really posted anything in over a week, so I figured I would let you all know I'm not dead. After my summer classes ended, I spent a week in California with my boyfriend, and then came back and immediately started fall classes.

To add to that, I am taking the Japanese Language Proficiency Exam in December, so I turned in my "raiding resignation" of sorts to my guild the other night. I'm really sad, because I love progression raiding a lot.

It's not that I am quitting WoW or never raiding again until after the exam is over, but I will be playing far less often and I want the time I do have to devote to the game during the next few months to go beyond just raiding. Besides, Ascended raids on weeknights and I've decided weekend WoW fun will be my reward for working hard on school and exam prep until January.

Does that mean this blog is done? Hell no.

I never really wrote about raiding anyway, mainly out of a self-conscious fear that I'd get rage-filled comments about how "bad" my healing style is. The time I spend in game now will mostly be devoted to questing and achievements, so nothing about this blog will change! I will be on every day for a couple minutes doing my cooking or AT dailies so I don't fall hopelessly behind, so if you're on Bonechewer and happen to catch me, send me a tell!

I'm going to do my best to post at least twice a week, but if I miss a week every now and then, I hope you'll all stick with me! Last semester of school is always hell.

And besides, I'm getting close to being Insane. Muahaha! Check out my Armory to see my progress!!


Corgii said...

Ahh the JPL... scary stuff >_< I never took it but if I had continued studying Japanese I'm sure I'd be taking it soon, too!

I don't have Japanese installed on this comp, but I'll just type it in romaji =)

Yoku benkyoushite kudasai ne!

Fuyuko said...

Aa, ganbarimasu!!!! Arigatou!! =D

I'm going to attempt level 2. Hopefully I'll live.

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