Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lament of the Bloodsail Admiral

Avast, me maties, the time is near.
Today the day was finally here.
On WoW with dreams of hope I logged..
I wanted to join the pirates who grogged.

But curses, I say, to my fellows in plunder.
Your chosen location was quite a large blunder!
For I, a Bloodsail Admiral cannot be seen
Near the short little people with skins of green.

I swallowed my pride and made the trip
But alas, my pvp gear I did not equip.
For alongside the angry, rep-hungry Cartel
Was a mob of angry Horde whose position was swell.

The guards did latch on me like barnacles at sea.
Their nets were quite annoying though their damage was wee.
I died several times and then several more..
Just trying to make it past the Flight Master's floor.

I finally made it in death to the roof,
Hoping the few guards there would remain as aloof.
But one of them saw me and fired his gun,
And I was flung into the ocean like a spring that had sprung.

The Horde did attack me and sadly for me
I am absolutely horrible at shadow pvp.
Several more corpse runs and then to my glee.
Before another death the achievement I'd see.


Corgii said...

Lol what a cute poem!!!

I'm glad you managed to get it, though! I'm sure lots of Admirals shared your same difficulties today :]

Anonymous said...

Lol!! I landed in Booty Bay and then instantly ran into a corner and Shadowmelded. Then I realized that Shadowmeld would not save my sorry ass from the Bruisers, and swam out into the ocean to evade them. Had to stealth all the way back up to the bank roof, but at least I had the option!

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