Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Returning to Raiding

Ya gotta love Google Image search...

It has been about a month since I stopped raiding, and tonight I returned for Crusader's Coliseum 25 and Ulduar 25.

I've not really healed anything during that month hiatus, short of the Heroic UK run I did right before the raid. In fact, I've not really done any instances at all, short of DPSing Heroic ToC, which is just lolsear half the time.

So imagine my surprise healing something - a raid - in a new instance for me - for the first time in a month.




Oh my god. It's one thing to be low on the meters because the other healers outgear you, which several of them do now. But I was just plain bad.

The first couple bosses were ok. As long as you get the movement mechanics down they seem fine. But then we got to the Faction Champions.

To quote one of our shaman: "Don't read the strat. Just bring a pvp mindset and a trinket."

Ok! I can totally do that. I'm really bad at pvp when it comes to keeping other people alive, but surely I can handle this! (Just like to point out, in case my RLs read this that I DID read the strat anyway, haha)

I switched to my disc pvp spec on a suggestion from the other priests, but seeing as I specced into that yesterday, I had no idea what I was doing. I died so fast I might as well had skipped it to go get ice cream.

We downed Anub, which was awesome!! I didn't die for that one, I don't think, but I may be wrong. The evening was kind of a blur.

After finishing CC, we went to Ulduar. "Aaaaaa," I think. "I can handle this now. Rawr!!!"

Mrrggll..... my healing was still bad, my overheals were nuts (73% wut?), and Thorim went a little like this:

Fuyuko has died.
RL: Bring up Fuyu.
/clicks accept
Fuyuko has died.
Battle rez is up! Who should I bring up?
RL: Bring up.... Fuyu.....

And the heckling from the priests in our priest channel didn't help either!!! It was vicious! I have scars! The emotional distress!

I guess I am just waaaaaaaay out of practice. Hopefully as I get back into the swing of things I'll start to do better, because I do know my class, and I do know how to play it in raids. I've just become a wee bit on the tetanus-inducing rusty side.

Hope you've all had your shots, cuz Fuyu is back.


4shley said...

<3 fufu

AJ said...

<3 fufu

Dan said...

Your raidleader did indeed read this :D

Ok fine, not the one that was there, but still :D

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