Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I didn't die, really!!

I apologize for the lack of posting for what seems, to me, like ages. I've been crazy busy with school the past couple weeks. Taking two lab science courses in a single semester might have been a bad idea. XD

Not much has been going on in WoW-land for me recently. I've not raided since utterly failing last time, so most of my in-game time has been spent on PVP, since it's an aspect of the game I haven't done much of since back during the High Warlord grind on my troll. (I only got the shoulders and Senior Sergeant title before TBC came out, though, since I hit 60 late. Bah.)

I forgot how unbearably annoying BGs can be.... it seems like a lot of the ones going when I am online are losses. I'm only doing it for better gear for my 2s team, though, which is a frost mage/disc priest combo. Both of us are kind of arena noobs, and new to our combo, but all things considered we're doing pretty well. We did awesome at the beginning of this past week, but played for too long, I think, and lost a few. It's a lot of fun, and it's nice to have a partner with so much CC!! It's hard to get used to playing offensive disc, though, as I feel like most of my time is spent running around healing myself.

In other news, I've been playing Aion when I get the chance, and I love it. I'm playing a cleric, which is essentially a priest. The priest class in Aion breaks down at level 10 into two subclasses, from which you choose one. There's the melee-based, bard-esque chanter, and then the healxxor cleric.

Don't get me started on crafting. It's so much fun. The tailoring looms mooooooove.

I'll prolly join the club and make one of those "Aion from a WoW-er PoV" posts in the near future if anyone is interested. But for now, I just wanted to let everyone know I'm not dead, I still play WoW, and new posts will be coming as soon as midterms are over at school.

For now, if anyone is interested in reading a former WoW-er's PoV on Aion, my bf currently has a blog he's keeping as he levels. Check it out at Cliona Lake Yacht Club!!!!



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