Monday, November 2, 2009

Guilds Through the Years

I was browsing Facebook the other night and remembered that I'd joined a little group for my little family on Perenolde a long time ago, and it got me thinking about my guild history... It's actually kind of interesting to watch the change...

I was running as shadow in Vanilla WoW and refused to switch to holy, so you can imagine that I was less than eager to join a guild. I'd also always imagined guilds to be places where you HAD to raid 100% all the time, and that wasn't really my cup of tea... I didn't want people telling me when and how I could play, and so I was guildless for a very long time.

Taking guild photos is srz bszns!!! I'm the purple thing! Hai Kyo!!!

The Deviate Cartel: My first guild ever. I was in SFK one day with another priest and our group was really, reallllllly bad. He and I had been chatting and cutting up, until the hunter in our group somehow managed to pull the entire ghost wolf room and wipe the group. This kind of thing had happened multiple times, and the holy priest and I eventually quit. He sent me a tell inviting me to his small guild of friends, and after asking him about 50 times if I had to raid or respecc, I joined. The "premise" of his guild, he said, was to start a Deviate Fish selling operation and make oodles of gold in some kind of fish monopoly in the AH. He even said we'd have "fish fry parties" in the Barrens.....

Although we never actually accomplished this Perenolde market takeover, I still find the whole thing really funny.

WoahMyGod: After some issues with creeper in the TDC, most of us split off into this small guild. We were a guild of about 7 people, and oodles of fun. Sure, we never got anything done, but nothing was more fun to me at the time than running 5 mans and listening to my GM's chinchillas go insane over Vent. The guild lasted quite a while, until the GM and his girlfriend stopped playing as much and one of the guildies changed to a more active guild, recruiting me to go along with him.

The Pantheon: This is the guild I was with for the majority of TBC. A small raiding guild, they downed content without any major rules or DKP or insane strategies. They just got drunk, logged on Vent, and kicked the crap out of whatever they came across. The GM was on drugs (I'm almost positive), half the guild was Canadian, and the main warlock was so good at pulling aggro that he constantly pulled through walls. They were a crazy lot, and I was sad to leave them for another server. They eventually merged with another guild, and then another, and I have no idea who or where they are anymore. Most of the people I played with have quit for other games now.... But I will always remember loading the guild site's front page and seeing my troll priest (whose name was misspelled) in the awesome flash intro. =D

20 years later....

Ascended: After changing to Bonechewer Alliance so I could play with my friends, I joined Ascended when Greenie was still GM. They had made a name for themselves as a casual raiding guild on the server, and were full of interesting and awesome people. I was super nervous about joining a raiding guild of any sort, but Ascended wasn't full of the jerks that I had always seen in guilds that actually downed content. No one told me how to play, and they even let me try out lolsmite at one point!! The age groups were pretty mixed, too, which I liked.

Valis is the GM now, and the membership has changed drastically over the past year or two as the guild has grown and progressed, but these guys are like a second family to me now. And I've even raided with them! Who'd have known when I first joined TDC back in Vanilla that I'd be a raider, let alone a holy priest!

It might be boring to read someone else's guild history, but for me, it's a lot of fun to look back and see how my expectations and goals for guild membership have changed. =)


Dan said...

I STILL say you should raid LOLSMITE with us just because you can :D

Fuyuko said...

Hahaha, I'm SSing this so when I return to raiding with my badass (not really) lolsmite DPS I can prove you said this! =P

Averna said...

I'm really glad you're in Ascended.


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