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The Journey to Insanity V: That Time of the Month...

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Welcome to part 5 of The Journey to Insanity: a guide to the Insane in the Membrane achievement. This time around we'll cover the final faction required for the title!

The Darkmoon Faire faction is a bit odd. Like most of the factions we have dealt with thus far, you have access to easier methods of reputation gain until a certain point. However, unlike those other factions, you only have access to the easier DMF gains until 2000 Friendly.

So what are these "easy rep gains"? Well, once a month when the Faire comes around, there will be several NPCs that offer quests to collect x number of a certain item. Each item turn-in quest has "tiers" that you can work in until you reach a certain reputation level before moving onto a "harder" tier of item turn-ins.

TIER 1 (Doable until 500/3000 Neutral)
  1. Gathering: 5x Small Furry Paw
  2. Blacksmithing: 10x Course Weightstone
  3. Engineering: 5x Copper Modulator
  4. Leatherworking: 3x Embossed Leather Boots

TIER 2 (Doable until 1100/3000 Neutral)
  1. Gathering: 5x Torn Bear Pelt
  2. Blacksmithing: 7x Heavy Grinding Stone
  3. Engineering: 7x Whirring Bronze Gizmo
  4. Leatherworking: 3x Toughened Leather Armor

TIER 3 (Doable until 1700/3000 Neutral)
  1. Gathering: 5x Soft Bushy Tail
  2. Blacksmithing: 3x Green Iron Bracers
  3. Engineering: 36x Green Firework
  4. Leatherworking: 3x Barbaric Harness

TIER 4 (Doable until 2500/3000 Neutral)
  1. Gathering: 5x Vibrant Plumes
  2. Blacksmithing: 1x Big Black Mace
  3. Engineering: 6x Mechanical Repair Kit
  4. Leatherworking: 1x Turtle Scale Leggings

TIER 5 (Doable for reputation until 2000/6000 Friendly)
  1. Gathering: 10x Evil Bat Eyes/10x Glowing Scorpid Blood
  2. Blacksmithing: 8x Dense Grinding Stone
  3. Engineering: 6x Thorium Widget
  4. Leatherworking: 8x Rugged Armor Kit

Ok, so 2000/6000 Friendly still leaves A LOT left to deal with. What does one do for rep after the turn-in cut-off?

Spend lots of gold if you're not an herbalist/inscriptionist.

That's right. You have to turn in decks for reputation. Lower level decks made through inscription or purchased on the AH will yield 25 reputation per turn-in, and can be turned in at any time (the Faire doesn't need to be up) by using the completed deck to summon a Darkmoon Faire NPC.

The low-level decks are:
  • Rogues Deck
  • Swords Deck
  • Mages Deck
  • Demons Deck
Higher level decks (the ones that yield epic trinkets) can be crafted through inscription, looted off of mobs/bosses, or purchased on the AH. Higher level decks yield 350 reputation per turn in, plus the trinket, and can only be turned in when the Faire is up.

The high-level decks are:
  • Level 60 Decks: Beasts, Elementals, Portals, Warlords
  • Level 70 Decks: Furies, Storms, Blessings, Lunacy
  • Level 80 Decks: Chaos, Nobles, Prisms, Undeath
If you're not an herbalist/inscriptionist, be prepared to spend big bucks on these decks. Avoid buying them close to the start/end of the Faire, as prices tend to skyrocket. Prices average on my server anywhere from 200g for anything but Nobles to in the thousands for the Nobles deck.

One thing you might try, if you're an inscriptionist and don't need a Greatness trinket, is selling any Nobles cards you create on the AH to finance the purchasing of other cards/decks.

These decks are the only feasible means of getting to Exalted with the Faire. The only other option is to do the random fortune quests offered by Sayge when the Faire is up, but these quests are randomly acquired and only yield 75 reputation, so don't depend on them.

Good luck getting your Darkmoon Faire rep up, and I hope you enjoyed the last guide in my Journey to Insanity series!!!!


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