Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Journey to Insanity IV: Gettin' in with the Cartel

It's been a while since I have updated my Insane in the Membrane guide, mostly because I'm lazy, so here's the next installment - how to fix your now-wrecked Steamwheedle Cartel rep!

I don't know about you, but by the time I was done grinding my Bloodsail rep, I was sitting at 0/36000 Hated with all the Cartel factions. That's a TON of rep to work back through, and I'll warn you now, it's also a pain in the ass. But then again, what part of this achievement isn't? Hehe..

You have a couple options. The cheapest route, albeit the most boring, is to kill pirates. Now, you're probably wondering how killing pirates will keep you cool with the Bloodsail AND get you in tight with the goblins.

Like all good pirates, the Bloodsail hate other pirates, and so if you kill the right ones they'll be totally ok with it.

I used the pirates outside of Ratchet for a while. Each kill gained me 5 rep with Ratchet, and 2-3 rep with the other goblin factions. The exception to this number would be the one captain guy wandering around that netted me a whopping 25 rep with Ratchet every time I killed him. I've been told there are also pirates in Tanaris that you can kill, but I found the Ratchet ones to be the easiest, as well as quick on respawns.

Keep in mind: Every time you kill a goblin npc such as, I dunno, the Flight Master that will try to destroy you when you land, you lose a TON of rep. Your best bet in avoiding this is to fly into a nearby town and travel from there. Being Alliance, I came into Theramore and rode north along the shore.

This method can only be done up to a 11999/12000 for Ratchet, although I've heard a couple reports that the other factions like Everlook and Gadget will continue on. I haven't tested this myself, so I can't confirm or deny it.

Going about it this way is less luck-based, as well as less expensive. However, it gets kind of boring after a bit, so I'd suggest keeping some music on or watching TV while you do it.

The other way to up your goblin rep is through Dire Maul. You'll need to change over to this way when you cap your Ratchet rep regardless. HAHA, you only thought you were done in DM!!

There are 2 quests in DM North that can increase your goblin rep without hurting your Bloodsail rep.

Free Knot! : This quest requires you to get a Gordok Shackle Key to drop off one of the mobs, with the greatest drop chance coming from one of the little bosses throughout the instance, like Guard Fengus, etc. You take the key to Knot inside the instance and set him free for a whopping 350 rep with each Cartel faction. And yes, you can reset the instance and repeat it!

The Gordok Ogre Suit : This one can get expensive depending on how much of the stuff you buy and what your AH prices are like. You need to bring Knot:
  • 1x Ogre Tannin
  • 2x Rune Thread
  • 8x Rugged Leather
  • 4x Bolt of Runecloth
The tannin is lootable from a small container upstairs from Knot, and looting it will spawn another guard to kill. You can also sometimes find tannin in the cache that Knot leaves after you free him. I suggest doing this quest as many times as you can (depending on your tannin supply) before doing Free Knot!, because Knot obviously free after that. This quest awards 75 Cartel rep per turn-in and can be repeated multiple times per instance reset. The ogre suits are unique, so you will need to destroy or wear yours before trying to redo the quest.

A mixture of both these methods will, hopefully, not be too terribly boring and allow you to get your rep back with these guys before too long. And then, once more, you can use the Neutral AH!!! T_T


Geoffrey said...

It is actually possible to grind pirates all the way up to exalted as spillover rep will continue to be awarded until 999/1000.

Of course, a lot of Insaners prefer to run DM for Libram drops even though the rep is RNG-based and therefore slower by most calcs because, well, buying up all those Librams is far more painful than hitting a couple of keyless DM runs.

I'm currently working on the Cartel factions and it is really making me want to /headdesk. I've been doing Tanaris pirates (easy go get to using the COT portals) for an hour or so here and there and only gotten my Gadget rep back up to about 9k/36k hated! Oy. Was this a mistake?! I just want goblins to love me again!

/wave from a bellow Bonechewer-er. Keep up the good work.


Fuyuko said...

Hahaha, I know how you feel Geoff! I did the Ratchet pirates for a long time, and then switched to the DM quests, and it seems like I've been in there FOREVER with only about 30/31k hated to show for it.

They really want you to go 'insane,' haha.

Good to hear from a fellow Bonechewerian!!!! <3

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