Wednesday, November 4, 2009

PTR Awesomesauce: Valithria Dreamwalker

I saw this post over at World of Raids regarding testing for the green dragon boss Valithria Dreamwalker, and I gotta say, I'm intrigued.

Most encounters that depend heavily on healers have just revolved around the whole "oh shazbot, moar fire moar heals!" mantra, with some exceptions. So when Blizz comes up with nifty little things for us healers to do besides just staying out of fires and healing, I get excited.

For example, I really liked the Vezax encounter because healers had to really watch their mana pools. Or that one encounter in Naxx where there was only a short window every so often that heals could be cast...

But this Valithria fight... this is pretty cool.

So the basic premise, according to WoR, is that the healers must heal Valithria to 100% health. (She are gud dragon, mhm) She has 30 million HP on 25-man and 10 million on 10-man, and begins the encounter at 50% of that. Seems easy, right? Spam big heals, fun fun?

Actually, waves of adds will spawn throughout the fight and must be CCed and DPSed down so that they don't damage her. These adds are also a source of damage to the players assigned to deal with them, so healers in this fight have to watch the raid AND heal the boss.

<.Might.> posted their 25-man kill video from the PTR on Youtube. It's from a healer's point of view, so check it out below!

For a full list of abilities, mob types, etc., check out the WoR post here!!!

Also, if you watch the video..... WTF is up with the gates??? @_@


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